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As I was praying this morning I had the following picture-

I had a picture of a deep bath, with the plug pulled out and the water drained away. Then the plug is put back in and the taps turned on ,full power. The water gushes out and the bath fills to overflowing, pouring in streams over the sides of the bath and onto the floor. It keeps on coming. I felt that the bath represents our church. God's Spirit filling it afresh with cleansing,flowing, powerful water.

I sensed God was saying- At times the church feels that the plug has been pulled on it. Difficulties, sadness and discouragement make it feel run dry. Are we ready to put the plug back in and for the Father to fill St Alk's afresh with His living water? Not just filling it but for it to overflow into the world. Fast flowing water is powerful and dangerous. Are we ready to embrace all he has for us afresh?

Also this verse from Rev 3 v 8.

"See I have placed before you an open door, which no one can shut."

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