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Building each other up in faith and in the gifts God has given us.

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Encouraging Gifts

We long to bring hope to peoples’ lives by using our gifts and ministries to impact the broader community at all stages of life. We want to be available and willing to help meet the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of our parish and city.

Whether you need support, or can offer support, we'd love for you to be involved.


Pastoral Care

As a congregation we are committed to looking out for one another but we also have a dedicated Pastoral Support Team. If you need a little extra practical or emotional support at this time, or would like to be included in our confidential intercessory prayers, please contact us here.

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Gifts & Skills

As the Body of Christ we long to see every person fulfilling their Christian potential, wherever and whatever that might look like. We would love to encourage and affirm you in your God-given calling and so invite you to complete our Gift & Skills Audit here, so we can best work together.

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Financial Giving

As a worshipping community we have a strong culture of serving and ministering to different groups in and around our parish. To make our building work for us takes regular financial commitment.

If you feel able to assist, either with a one-off gift or ongoing support, please click here.

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