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Who's who


Being part of the same body, welcoming people in and loving each other.

Who's who

A quick guide to a few key people you can find around the place

Our Vision

Children & Youth

A summary of groups & activities for our children (under 11's)


Lighthouse Groups

For children aged 0-11, meeting on 1st, 2nd & 3rd Sundays of the month* our Sunday Morning Lighthouse groups are welcoming, friendly and accessible places, where our children come to have fun, make friends and meet with God.

Our vision is to be a family on mission, shining brightly with God, seeking to bring light to all wherever we go. Helping to raise a generation who know God's love and who love God & others with every fibre of our being.

Volunteers needed in Lighthouse, Open the Book & Little Nippers.
Can you help?


0-3 years

A safe place for parents to leave their little ones, or stay and play, as they begin to learn about God and  

the world around them.


3-4 years   (EYFS)

A nurturing space, still involving lots of play, where pre-schoolers can begin to engage with stories of faith.


5-7 years   (Key Stage 1)

A lively and stimulating session where children are inspired to grow their understanding of the Bible and faith.


8-11 years   (Key Stage 2)

A fun environment where youngsters are encouraged to develop their faith and their relationship with God.

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Little Nippers Toddler Group

Meeting Wednesdays during term time

10.00 to 11.30am

£2 per family group, no need to pre book

Optional bring your own picnic lunch

and stay 11.30-12.00 noon

If you are a parent or carer of little ones under 5, we would love to welcome you to our group, where you can stay and play.

We start the morning with free play - sometimes including a craft activity - then have singing time, celebrate birthdays,

and finish with a little prayer.

Children & Youth

A summary of groups & activities for our Youth (11+)


Youth Groups

For Youth aged 11+ we have a pattern to our Sunday meetings:

1st Sunday - sit together as a group in the main service

2nd & 3rd Sunday, begin with worship alongside the adult congregation, then move to the youth room for dedicated time together to explore faith together

4th Sunday - engage with all age Café church

We also have Wednesday weeknight meetings - speak with one of the Youth Team for more info.

Accessibility Group Meetings in 2024
Mon 11 Mch
Mon 10 June
Mon 11 Nov


It is our desire for everyone to feel welcome & included.

If your child has additional needs please speak to a member of our Lighthouse or Youth teams, who will be really happy to help. 

If you are an adult needing a little extra care - perhaps due to physical constraints, neurodiversity, etc. - please speak with a member of the Welcome or Leadership Teams who would be equally happy to help. Alternatively email the church office.

We are working hard to make our services, activities and building generally  more accessible to all.  If you are interested in joining our Accessibility Group  who are looking into how we do this, please contact us.

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